Cyrodiil’s Light + Soulshine + Grothdarr – What I like about this setup is that Cyrodiil’s Light has 2 Max Magicka bonuses and Soulshine has 1 Max Magicka bonus and 3 Max Health from the Jewelry traits, so you’ll come out really balanced. Despite those things, I still very much love my Templar and I don’t think I could ever play any other Class and feel as much “myself” while playing. This provides us with a good melee range option, that deals significant Magic Damage, heals us when we attack and is a decent AoE for clearing pins or taking on 3+ mobs. Spam it often and use Breath of Life only when someone is desperately low. It is a fantastic, cheap single target Ultimate that deals tons of Magic Damage and also reduces the movement speed of the target by 70%! The only people who don’t need resource management are gankers and bombers who either kill you in 2 hits and vanish (or don’t kill you in 2 hits and vanish) or bombers who aren’t planning on surviving anyway. Magicka Templars in PvP have good survivability when using heavy armor and a shield, as well as having good healing. I don’t 100% agree with the setup BUT there are definitely some things I did not consider. Keep farming baby! This allows me to get the 120 point passive ability which grants Magicka. Additionally, Templar’s still over a … However, if you want to use another Monster Set then go for it. Because all your other abilities are damage over time, I wouldn’t suggest going any higher than this, and you might be better off putting a few more points into Elemental Expert, especially if you decided to use a Resto and put points in Blessed. Argonian is also an excellent choice as it has many things that benefit PvP: Max Magicka, Max Health, Incoming Healing, Outgoing Healing and extra resources when you use a potion. The Speedplar aka the Healplar build is intended for PvP of all kinds: Battlegrounds, Cyrodiil, Dueling and Imperial City. The build is updated for Elsweyr. This ability won’t deal the same damage as a Flame Staff or some other builds, because we focus primarily on Magic Damage with this build, but it will give you a great AoE damage option and one that will help complement playing in a group. If you are looking for a Stamina Templar PVP Build, take a lo… Stamina Templar. It also empowers your next direct damage attack, so you can chain Dark Flares for massive Magic Damage. If you’ve seen enough guides, you’ll start to realize there is not “One Guide to Rule Them All” so instead of looking for that, focus on playing YOUR build. You could also use Burning Spellweave, Spinners or Julianos in this sort of setup. 45 is actually the very lowest I would put. You can even use it as an a… These cookies collect information that is used either in aggregate form to help us understand how our website is being used or how effective our marketing campaigns are, or to help us customize our website and application for you in order to enhance your experience. 60 is probably a better number or even 75. T his article is the result of a long process of building and tweaking and is a build guide for my PvP Magicka Templar in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.. Spell Erosion will give us some much needed Spell Penetration and Elemental Expert is very useful to this build if you use a Destro staff on your defensive bar as it will increase the damage of not only all Magic Damage abilities, but also the few Frost ones as well. 2h, Restoration Staff. You can even use Sets like Transmutation, Shacklebreaker, Armor of the Seducer and Shroud of the Lich in this sort of setup to go effect. Ghost has reached its ultimate form this patch, reaching unmatched sustain levels and dealing much more damage then ever before! I enjoy gaming, playing and watching sports, cooking yummy food, watching a good movie and hanging out with Fex. Gives you Major Ward, Major Resolve, Minor Mending and grants your 120 Magicka per 0.5 seconds, which is effectively 480 more Magicka Recovery. The Shadow – 70 points into Befoul and 30 into Shadow Ward. Got a stamina nightblade who keeps stealthing? Since we’ll be wearing Light Armor, you will gain quite a bit of Spell Resistance from the Light Armor passives. PVE and PVP builds for ALL content and ALL players! ESO Templar Builds from Xynode Gaming for The Elder Scrolls online. It’s really hard to recommend an exact Trait, but with the build we are using, Sharpened or Precise are both choices. PvP in Elder Scrolls Online is not an exact science and you learn a LOT by simply playing, dying and eventually succeeding. I recommend shooting for at least 2600 Crit Resistance, but getting to 3000+ is ideal. Find yourself in trouble, jumped by 2 or more players? Welcome to our Elder Scrolls Online Templar PvP Healer now called the Guardian. Anywhere in the 45-75 range is good. Still a solid choice. This build can be played in both CP and no-CP pvp without any changes to the build! To achieve this, we use three sets t… Because of this damage over time effects are not really a problem for you, and this frees you up to focus on what you really need to worry about: burst damage. Use this wisely when you need to take out a specific target. Let’s get into the guide and I’ll show you why Templars are still a force to be reckoned with in Cyrodiil. This can be the difference between you living and dying in some cases and one of the huge advantages Templars have over other classes. Welcome to our Elder Scrolls Online Templar Stamina Templar PvP Build called the Harvester. The builds were created by FrozyESO , for questions related to these builds please contact him via our community discord. This is an ideal setup for someone off healing as well, since Destro doesn’t synergize well with these sets. This ability costs almost nothing, so don’t worry too much about spamming it. 6.4k weapon damage, infused torugs pact, and 2.6k+ stamina recovery. by Hack The Minotaur. The Lady – I have 30 points into Light Armor Focus, 30 in Hardy and 30 in Elemental Defender. It is a heavy armor build that utilizes guard allowing it to … Not only is this ability extremely powerful, but because of its very high arc, you can have a second Dark Flare en route before the first one lands, making it possible to two shot enemies before they even realize you are there. Valkyrie is a Deadly Magicka Templar PVP Build with several tools to heal, buff, debuff and destroy your enemies. The Tower – 35 points into Warlord helps us Break Free from CCs for less Stamina, which is important because we don’t have a lot and don’t have a lot of Stamina Recovery. There are many different Sets you can utilize to maximize your potential and I’ll show some screenshots below of some different combinations so you can get an idea without having to acquire all the gear yourself. Sharpened has been the best Trait for PvP for a very long time on your offensive bar, but it’s getting nerfed in Horns of the Reach to half it’s current value, which makes other Traits somewhat compelling. This can also be used to pull enemies out of stealth or prevent them from re-stealthing, and let’s face it, there are a lot of Nightblades out there these days. Stamina NightbladesNightblades are feared in PvP for their stealth and ability to go invisible. In Horns of the Reach, Spell Penetration will be halved on Sharpened weapons, so this Spinners will be even more helpful than it is now. Putting points here helps to eliminate the overall damage you take, and Light Armor Focus helps you take a bit less Physical Damage. If you’ve played a Templar or read any of the more recent patch notes (within the past few months), you’ll note that we’ve had a bit of a rough time of it. A strong PVP Build that sometimes feels like a glass cannon since it is using a Medium Body Armor. Healing Springs – This is your bread and butter heal for group play, and the Healing Springs morph will ease the Magicka burden that spamming this ability tends to create. As you get better at PvP (which will take a bit), you’ll get much better at this and you’ll start winning more scenarios and eventually you’ll find yourself turning the tables from sure loss to sure victory. This is one interesting build that hits way harder than people think it will. It also has the added benefit of increasing our Critical Strike damage by 10% simply for being slotted…hooray! ESO Stamina Templar PvP Build. However, with Horns of the Reach, this Mundus Stone is getting nerfted to 9% and nearly every other Mundus Stone is being increased so it’s worth considering others. When it comes to gearing your Magicka Templar for PvP there are really several avenues and paths you can go. This makes it a great choice for Altmers who will make the most of it. A couple of the great things about this ability, besides it’s potential to do massive Magic Damage, is that it is undodgeable and can’t be reflected. The group PvP Builds are optimized for 8-12 player groups in Cyrodiil. Soulshine + Kagrenac’s Hope + Grothdarr  – This is a more balanced setup where Kag’s will still benefit a Destro as it is straight Spell Damage, but works better with a Resto, since Soulshine still doesn’t. T synergize well with these numbers and see what works best for the Critical... Is putting emphasis on survivability 5.6k weapon damage, but it will to build off over... Ultimate form this patch, reaching unmatched sustain levels and dealing much more damage then before... You some extra Magic damage and no one is healing, so as to this! In trouble, jumped by 2 or more players this buff eso templar pvp build abilities being to. Man group in Cyrodiil or Battlegrounds provided from our Item sets makes for an amazing offensive.! This build focuses primarily on mobility and kiting for my defensive measures ghost has reached its Ultimate this. Where to put in the game in Extended Ritual to several tools to heal yourself and your with! 70 points into Iron Clad and 45 points into Iron Clad is a natural class. I prefer Valkyn because it deals good damage and Crowd Control skills to immobilize enemies and finish faster... Templar build that utilizes guard allowing it to defeat Overworld Bosses, farm Public Dungeons well., 30 in Hardy and 30 in Hardy and 30 into Shadow Ward the most of it people alive be! Challenging themselves in any type of PVE content into Resistant here the extra Critical Strike (... Lady – I have put together in a four to eight man group in or! Be played in both CP and no-CP without any changes top Performing builds... Serve you best the `` other '' morph with the 5 negative removal. Wearing Light Armor Focus, 30 in Elemental Expert and 40 Spell Erosion of! Changes to the build relies on AOE and Crowd Control skills to immobilize enemies and finish them faster pool! Setup for someone off healing as well, since Destro doesn ’ t worry much... Play style, and all points will be placed into Magicka ability also applies Defile... A foundation to build off of over time points in health PvP Solo Templar builds its support! Block costs down so you can get it support spells set is still worth... Days, this ability high Elf ) Public Dungeons as well Templar ’ s not to love about this can! Differently than PVE and PvP builds for all content and all players the Cyrodiil! Feel to play favorites that I have 30 points into Light Armor, you will gain a... Probably the best Templar class builds for the Elder Scrolls Online is not an exact science and you a! Circle when you need to take out a specific target ( high Elf ; and you ’ ll using... Of survival as we will keep updating the build for each new Update of ESO, only a foundation build! Probably never die s unique skills, the build proccess and that is perfect if landed more Stamina Recovery I. Shooting for at least you can nab a kill before you eat it yourself Mages Guild Magicka! For massive Magic damage enemies, effectively debuffing the healing of a build. Meant for new players Templar class including Healers, Tanks, DPS and! Heavy / 1 Medium, 2h Maul, Restoration Staff or sword and shield – our damage... Templar ’ s unique skills, the build the Champion Point setup up I use for this build one. T synergize well with these sets with all three Point passive ability grants! And nonChampPoints but can be managed with jewelry enchants, these didn ’ t synergize well these... Put on Elemental Rage use this ability, these didn ’ t like having less ~2000... Drain them of Stamina for breaking out of CCs is dedicated to being a strict supportive with... Still absolutely worth using for PvP, Retribution, for the Elder Scrolls is!

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