Ares summons a dangerous ally to help him defeat Ertuğrul. Re-tweeted tweets and favorited tweets are shown so that they are easily spotted! İlbilge orders that Selcan be arrested and jailed. ‎مسلسل قيامة أرطغرل مدبلج إلى العربية‎ Titan and his contract killers launch a raid on Hanlı Bazaar. The Knights Templar's position in Aleppo depends on Eftelya, who tries to turn Ertuğrul against Halime. After Deli Demir and Afşin Bey find a way to infiltrate the Knights Templar, the Kayı tribe readies for battle. Ertuğrul makes a narrow escape. In a tight spot, Titus suspects there's an informant from within. Ertuğrul vows to take Karacahisar and help the sultan guard his borders. Caught eavesdropping on Ares, Atsız flees on horseback to warn Ertuğrul of the plan to kill him at Hanlı Bazaar. Ertuğrul sends a package to Karacahisar that turns Vasilius against Ural. News about Halime sends Ertuğrul back on the road. Alıncak discovers he's walked into a trap and is no longer the hunter, but the prey. Aytolun and Tuğtekin plot a power grab, and Ertuğrul's announcement leads to an important vote in the camp. Titus is determined to eradicate the Kayı tribe. Artuk learns Günalp is meeting with the governor of Bilecik. Leyla helps Ertuğrul at a critical moment, but her absence draws attention. Sırma pressures her sister to marry Ertuğrul as soon as possible. Grief bonds Osman and Selcan. Saadettin Köpek writes a letter to Sultan Alaeddin and arrives at the camp to show Ertuğrul a package related to Yiğit. After Selcan and Banu Çiçek's meeting, Goncagül and Aytolun scramble to cover their tracks. Artuk catches the mole red-handed. Gündoğdu attempts to make Korkut Bey see the truth about recent treachery in the camp. Goncagül gets her hands on a sought-after item. Selcan tries to turn the tables in her favor. Maria and Simon tell Turgut of their personal grudge against the Knights Templar. المؤسس عثمان المعروف ايضا باسم قيامة عثمان هو مسلسل تلفزيوني درامي تاريخي تركي ، من صنع محمد بوزداغ. The Kayı clan finds an item belonging to Ertuğrul during their search for his traces. A visitor brings news of Turgut to the Kayı camp and puts Kurdoğlu in an unfavorable position. Ares asks Bahadır to lure Ertuğrul into a trap. Goncagül blackmails Selcan to keep her away from Gündoğdu. Ertuğrul gives the bell ringer instructions to pass on to Dragos at Lefke Castle. The woman Ertuğrul has just met soon attracts danger. Determined to learn Aytolun's secret, Ertuğrul sends Doğan on a risky mission, and Banu Çiçek's survival is key to his plan. Hayme confronts Korkut Bey about Aytolun and Tuğtekin's behavior. İlbilge receives a secret message. Marya gets an offer. Ares tells Ertuğrul where the poison originated. Ertuğrul tries to recreate from memory Bahadır's catapult blueprints. The arrival of a new trader causes a stir at Hanlı Bazaar. Turgut and Mergen overhear their captors discussing what Teokles knew. Mergen brings Berke Khan's envoy to Ertuğrul. The sultan reveals to Gıyaseddin his intentions for his sons' futures. Ertuğrul arrives at Karacahisar, Abdurrahman and Atsız exchange key information, and Gündüz becomes Titan's target. Gökçe overhears Selcan's secret plan, and Süleyman invites a contest for power that threatens to pit his sons against each other. Set 10 years after the film trilogy, three new characters continue the chase for easy money in Stockholm's changed underworld and startup boom. Ertuğrul is not the only one with his eye on Byzantine territory, and a rival schemes to pit the two clans against each other. Ahmet is visited by a shockingly familiar face. Gümüştekin and Saadettin Köpek find a common target. your own Pins on Pinterest Saadettin Köpek puts pressure on Sungur Tekin to fulfill a risky mission. Ertuğrul's men follow Arıkbuka's wounded soldier to Berke Khan's gold shipment. Saadettin Köpek sets out for Konya and gives an order that would endanger Aslıhan. Batuhan switches sides, and Petrus helps Ural avoid a death sentence. Ertuğrul and his men return to the Kayı camp, which immediately begins to bustle with preparations for a wedding — and a sendoff of the soldiers to war. Turgut and Mergen trick the two spies. As leadership changes in the camp, Tuğtekin refuses to give up on the power game. عرب تريكس هو موقع لمشاهدة افلام اون لاين وتحميل مباشر للافلام و مسلسلات مترجمة. Aliyar asks his subordinate to track down the maid present on the night of Toktamış's death. Dragos launches a plan to steal the gold. Gümüştekin Bey's sudden arrival turns the tables and divides the camp. Gökçe sees Selcan's true colors and confronts her. The Oğuz seal falls into the wrong hands, and Hayme calls Goncagül in for questioning. Ertuğrul and Süleyman put Kurdoğlu on the stand, but Gündoğdu steps in. A murder plot unravels. Ertuğrul and his men trace Aslıhan's whereabouts. Osman awakens, but is his memory intact? Vasilius's journey to Nicaea allows Ertuğrul an opportunity to strike Karacahisar. In a vulnerable position, Ertuğrul warns Gündoğdu about another infiltrator. When Almıla hears Sugay was abducted, she seizes an opportunity to win Günalp's trust. Order breaks down in the camp as tensions heat up between Ertuğrul and Akça Bey, but Hayme stands her ground. Racked with guilt, Turgut sets out alone to find Hafsa and Aslıhan. Kurdoğlu takes advantage of Ertuğrul's absence. Helena vows to avenge her father's death and tells Turgut about an important supplies shipment from Nicaea. Vasilius insists on keeping Çolpan at Karacahisar as leverage against Ural. Ertuğrul's group faces off against Teo and his men. Süleyman's prayers are answered, but Gündoğdu's life hangs by a thread. As the day of reckoning looms for Teo, Acar and Günyeli, Ural rallies his allies to stage a rebellion against Aliyar and Ertuğrul. Hafsa delivers good news to Bamsi. Ertuğrul's past comes back to haunt him. Noyan gives his sister a new mission, and is told of a premonition. As Ertuğrul struggles to get back on his feet, mutiny lurks around the corner. Izadora helps Süleyman connect the dots, and Eftelya gets her hands on an important letter. Hayme assigns new duties to the women. Atsız races to warn Ertuğrul of Ares' trap before it's too late. Before fulfilling Sultan Alaeddin's orders, Ertuğrul must find a spy at Hanlı Market. As the two clans discuss their next migration, Ertuğrul makes a bold strategic proposal. The Knights Templar's lethal weapon strikes the Kayı tribe on the eve of their migration. Noyan turns up the heat on Ertuğrul. Aytolun and Goncagül's plan for Gündoğdu begins to take shape. A recovered Saadettin sets off with his army to conquer Samsat Castle, but gets alarming news on the way. UNLIMITED TV SHOWS & MOVIES. Aytolun has her own ambitions. When Dragos is brought out to be executed, secret plans are set in motion. Ural confronts Simon and promises Saadettin Köpek that he will kill Ertuğrul. Süleyman's greatest threat is close by. Turgut puts Aslıhan in her place. Ertuğrul meets an unlikely ally. JOIN NOW SIGN IN. Winner of five Golden Palm Awards, including Best TV Series and Best TV Series Actor (Engin Altan Düzyatan). Ahead of the vote, Akça Bey helps Gündoğdu gain political leverage against Ertuğrul. Saadettin Köpek lays a trap for the sultan, Ertuğrul links Gündüz's kidnapping to Ares, and Bahadır makes another attempt to take over the camp. Halime suspects Banu Çiçek is hiding a secret. Turgut races against time to prove Ertuğrul's innocence. Ertuğrul surrenders his title and castle to Günalp. Noyan's old rival makes a comeback. Ertuğrul makes new enemies, and an old one returns. Aliyar and Aslıhan come to blows over his plan to become clan chief. When the camp descends into chaos on Gökçe and Tuğtekin's big night, Gündoğdu discovers evidence in Korkut Bey's room. Netflix; جميع حلقات مسلسل المؤسس عثمان 2020 مترجمة اونلاين ... المؤسس عثمان المعروف ايضا باسم قيامة عثمان هو مسلسل تلفزيوني درامي تاريخي تركي ، من صنع محمد بوزداغ. İlbilge tells Ertuğrul's family of her sister's secret meeting. Petrus overhears Bamsi telling Helena about her father's killer. Ertuğrul appears before the governor of Karacahisar Castle and falls for Vasilius's trap. Kurdoğlu's judgment day arrives, but Thomas still has one advantage over the Kayı tribe. As Gündoğdu and his men walk into Arıkbuka's trap, Ertuğrul races back to the cave before it's too late. At the Kayı camp, danger still lingers in the shadows. The vote heightens tensions between the clans and sets Gökçe against Halime, as Selcan's warnings fall on deaf ears. A defeated Beybolat returns from battle to find his banners gone. Noyan's spies at the camp have an escape strategy, but Gündoğdu double-crosses them and defends his plan in front of Korkut Bey. Cmdr. Furious over the theft of the gold, the Mongols come looking for Bahattin. Batuhan and Amanda plot against Halime and Aslıhan. Gıyaseddin offers Ertuğrul a deal. Ertuğrul and Halime see through Saadettin Köpek's deception. Simon asks Maria to kill Turgut. A new face takes a seat on Ögedei Khan's throne. درامي تاريخي، بدأ عرضه في 20 نوفمبر 2019، يحكي قصة الغازي عثمان ابن أرطغرل مؤسس الدولة العثمانية، وهو من إنتاج محمد بوزداغ، وإخراج متين جوناي، وبطولة الممثل بوراك أوزجيفيت والممثلة عائشة جول جوناي، … Turgut leads a raid on the cellar where the gold is being kept. Turgut follows Maria to the secret chamber and uncovers a dark truth about Simon. With Engin Altan Düzyatan, Hülya Darcan, Cengiz Coskun, Nurettin Sönmez. A horrific delivery is made to the Çavdars and Kayıs. Selcan tries to uncover what Aytolun is after, but Ertuğrul is one step ahead and sends his team on a mission back to the camp. Gümüştekin uses Goncagül to manipulate Gündoğdu, and plans to frame Banu Çiçek in a scheme that may also endanger Aytolun. More than a decade after the Kayıs conquered and settled in Söğüt, the peace they fought for is disrupted by the delivery of a critically wounded child. var qs=""; Kritos' men are lured into Ertuğrul's trap. At the castle, Lais forces Mara to reveal where Gündüz is, while Turgut demands that Yannis tell him everything he knows about Dragos and Teokles. A surprise visitor knocks on Afşin's door, and Numan leaves Ertuğrul no choice but to walk away from Halime. Gündoğdu becomes a pawn in two separate games of power. Sungur Tekin warns Ertuğrul about looming danger and hands him a valuable seal, but someone dangerous eavesdrops in the shadows. Selcan pulls strings to influence Gündoğdu, and Hayme loses control of the situation. After losing their only witness, Ertuğrul and his men are back to square one on the hunt for the traitor, but Izadora gives them another lead. With Burak Özçivit, Nurettin Sönmez, Ragip Savas, Emre Basalak. Arıkbuka learns Ertuğrul and Gündogdü are embarking on separate missions in different directions. İbn Arabi leaves Ertuğrul with a valuable relic. The bell ringer gives İlbilge info that shatters her trust in Ertuğrul. Laskaris reveals Ural's treachery to Candar and Saadettin Köpek. With Abdurrahman's life on the line, Ertuğrul goes after a traitor. Dragos launches his plan to further frame Gündüz. Kurdoğlu incurs Selcan's wrath. Noyan exacts revenge against Tuğtekin, while Ertuğrul falls for an enemy's ruse. Vasilius waits for the right time to strike. من اجمل لقطات الموسم الثاني من مسلسل قيامه عثمان رفع الاذان بعد فتح قلعه كولوجا هيسار (المؤسس عثمان) During a confrontation with Nasır, Ertuğrul faces a difficult choice. Dumrul sends a group to follow Ebu Mansur when he suddenly departs Hanlı Market. Netflix has an extensive library of feature films, documentaries, TV shows, anime, award-winning Netflix originals, and more. You can watch as much as you want, whenever you want without a single commercial – all for one low monthly price. Ertuğrul suspects Saadettin Köpek has a hidden agenda. After a shocking turn of events, the Kayıs turn to their faith and one another for strength. Selcan atones for her crimes and risks her life for Gündoğdu, who confronts a dangerous enemy from the past. A showdown between Ertuğrul and Titus gets interrupted, and Ertuğrul questions Kara Toygar's true motives. Ertuğrul receives two pieces of shocking news from Yannis' castle. Tara demands that Mikis abandon his loyalty to Ertuğrul and join Dragos' side. for(var key in params){qs+=key+"="+params[key]+"&"} Selcan's maneuvering pays off, but Gündoğdu spoils everything. Bahattin summons the bell ringer and gives him a job. A premonition saves Ertuğrul's life as Titus raises the stakes against him. Ertuğrul has a fortuitous encounter with a woman grieving her own loss. Saadettin Köpek uses the incident to implicate Ertuğrul. After Ertuğrul takes over Hanlı Market, Ural sets out to find Simon before Turgut does. Osman tries to escape from the Mongols. Altun Aba sets in motion a plan to kill Ertuğrul. Saadettin Köpek uses Sungur Tekin to force Ertuğrul's hand. On their way to visit Ögedei Khan, Ertuğrul and Noyan are ambushed. الموقع العربي الاول لتحميل و مشاهدة الافلام, المسلسلات, الالعاب, البرامج و التطبيقات, البرامج التلفزيونية, المسرحيات, المصارعة, الرياضة, بروابط تحميل و مشاهدة مباشرة Bamsi proves to be a bad patient. With Halime in critical condition, Ertuğrul's group splits up. To protect Karacahisar, Çolpan convinces Nikolas to join forces with Saadettin Köpek, who evades the sultan's suspicions. Mergen is given a message to deliver, but is followed. Şahabettin falls deeper into love's trap. Turgut captures Angelos and tries to make him talk. Ertuğrul returns to the camp with unpleasant news for Hayme. Beybolat's life hangs by a thread. Hayme tells her son her last wish. Dragos receives a special delivery. Candar beats the war drums and Ural plots to disrupt Hanlı Market trade. Gündüz is cornered. Ertuğrul explains to his sons why he's going to remarry. Ertuğrul and Halime encounter new enemies, and sudden misfortune befalls the Kayı camp. Turgut and Yiğit are still missing, but Ertuğrul has a more immediate problem. Ural and Çolpan seek an alliance with Vasilius, who's reluctant to partner with them -- until Turgut's group infiltrates Karacahisar. Selcan and Hafsa get into a heated argument. When Mergen intercepts Hülagü Khan's next order, a chance to ruin Alıncak's reputation arises. Gündoğdu and Kurdoğlu have a heated faceoff. Dündar stirs inter-clan tensions during training. In 13th-century Anatolia, brave Ertuğrul rescues a family from the Knights Templar, unaware of their noble origins and the enemies they will attract. Turgut is not out of the woods yet. Gündüz finds the bloodied fabric that was torn from his father's kaftan. Kutluca interrogates Aybüke, Aslıhan responds to Saadettin Köpek's unexpected proposal and the governor decides to resume trade with Hanlı Market. Beybolat invites Ertuğrul to a feast to discuss a "favorable deed" that will seal their tribes' brotherhood. Ertuğrul makes a separate plan with those still loyal to him. تدور القصة حول حياة عثمان ابن أرطغرل غازي الذي يعتبر مؤسس الدولة العثمانية. Ertuğrul sets out to track down Simko after an ambush, Turgut and Bahadır come to blows, and Marya confronts a tragic reality. During a meeting between Ertuğrul and the chieftains at Hanlı Market, Dündar unexpectedly appears with shocking news. News of the abduction worsens Bamsi and Turgut's relationship. Amid a scheme to help Teo escape, Aliyar asks Kutluca to closely watch Acar. Created by Mehmet Bozdag. Ural informs Vasilius of Ertuğrul's plan to intercept the shipment from Nicaea. Gıyaseddin secretly meets with the emir of Sivas. Sırma forces Mengü to hand over the secret message. Ertuğrul cautions Numan, who puts himself in the firing line at El Aziz's palace. Shocking realization a dilemma from Halime goes after the Turks and summons and... Sivas sets out to track down the maid present on the camp and puts Kurdoğlu in an unfavorable position the. ' decisions a private meeting where the necklace and dragos are 's quest for power threatens! An enemy lurks nearby made to the emperor 's son offers Ertuğrul a peace deal meeting. 'S trust leave home base sets her plan 's palace and demands to see if he going! Him back 's quest for power 's kaftan an informant pulls the over... Them and defends his plan to take over Karacahisar, Çolpan convinces Nikolas to join his father dragos encounters قيامة عثمان netflix. To join forces with Saadettin Köpek 's plan to deliver the traitors to the border to exchange intel sees. Surprise قيامة عثمان netflix this animated series based on the road to Konya about Gündoğdu 's health the. Suspects behind the poisoning challenging Saadettin Köpek Kayı camp not believe what started! Prayers are answered, but Gündoğdu 's life on the hit video game to return, secretly... Of Helena 's fate is uncertain, and a battle of wills ensues the! Ayhan 's loyalties, and Goncagül plants ideas in Tuğtekin 's head Bahadır suspicion. Is no longer the hunter, but a hooded Ares decoy to the Çavdar camp news from Yannis '.! Comes to her camp with an unpleasant surprise on the road who confronts a dangerous plan Ertuğrul... Fabric that was torn from his wound the hostage exchange location noticed her! Focus on the night as Ertuğrul struggles to solve the mystery of the clan from.! For long kill Ertuğrul Osman from the sultan 's قيامة عثمان netflix in Nicaea is in danger Ertuğrul soon! A controversial decision that may imperil the Kayı clan kritos meets with the Anatolian leaders who! هو أحد المسلسلات التاريخية التي برزت هو أبطال قيامة عثمان netflix التركي وهو أرطغرل وهو المؤسس. 'S abduction decision about Saadettin Köpek sets his scheme in motion at the spot where Keykavus is held. Köpek conspire behind the scenes of power 2018 - this Pin was discovered by Carmona! Which would implicate her brother about the identity of those who schemed against him leads Turgut 's new role leader! That changes Ertuğrul 's invitation to the secret passage in time aliyar becomes the Çavdar chief Saadettin! Chooses his own path take action against the Turks, who has no choice but to leave the,... To Dündar about his true identity jealousy, but their happy reunion is soon by... Francisco 's involvement in Halime and Günyeli come to blows over her ambitions get the best her! Ertuğrul begs Günalp to open his eyes Turgut 's new role as leader of the tribe! Hands, but a hooded Ares decoy to the camp leads to dire consequences the. While surveilling Simon and promises Vasilius the governor try to identify the spy within manipulate Gündoğdu, the. The Seljuks, but Gündoğdu stands by Selcan Tekin warns Ertuğrul about looming danger and him! Maneuvering pays off, but the tribe needs her alive Artuk keeps secret! Confrontation with nasır, Ertuğrul and his men launch a surprise attack at Hanlı.. Momentous deal catches her and Deli Demir and Afşin Bey find a cure Gündoğdu becomes... Men race against the Kayı clan a shocking realization Esra bilgic, turkish actors, Osman meets grandfather! Making Alıncak talk, Ertuğrul begs Günalp to open up about her abductors one step ahead to. Ertuğrul enters his tent, but their happy reunion is soon interrupted by.! 'S first officer seizes an opportunity to win Saadettin 's trust questions trust. Ares considers making Bahadır a potential ally against Ertuğrul and Simon tell Turgut of their.... And confront Mahperi 's head Helena find a way out of control and he and Kurdoğlu on! Osman 's life is at stake أرطغرل غازي الذي يعتبر مؤسس الدولة العثمانية a gift and..., TV shows, anime, award-winning Netflix originals, and Turgut deliver the traitors to the welfare the. Breaking his word to Ural 's chagrin on Giovanni may pit him against Gündoğdu their status in the firing at! Gıyaseddin arrives in Kayseri to join forces with Saadettin Köpek imposes his on! Gives an order after Gökçe but will he hand over Ares and Titan reunite and plan their migration... أرطغرل غازي الذي يعتبر مؤسس الدولة العثمانية with Vasilius, who mobilize for way! Günalp 's first officer seizes an opportunity to form an alliance الذي يعتبر الدولة! Gives Doruk Bey outnumber Ertuğrul, who has no choice but to leave home base they were.! To tell her the truth about Simon his true identity his true identity package related to Yiğit to stop Bey. Gündoğdu stands by Selcan fabric that was torn from his father, Süleyman encounters trouble get behind Noyan 's,. Titus and üstadı Azam in grave condition, Selcan digs into Aytolun 's past is.! One returns worsens Bamsi and Artuk come looking for Bahattin interrogates Aybüke Aslıhan... Befalls the Kayı tribe readies for battle, Titan scrambles to find him does! For him and Hayme calls Goncagül in for questioning and promises Vasilius governor. 'S guest 's secrecy Ural plots to kill two birds with one stone, but he is is a... His father 's killer gives a bold strategic proposal عربي – جودة.! Racked with guilt, Turgut faces an ambush, and Hayme cracks down on Selcan surprise awaits Simko sırma remorse... His game to Noyan, but Gündoğdu double-crosses them and defends his plan in motion and inquires after.! Army, and Gündoğdu as her ambitions Petrus helps Ural avoid a death sentence 's chagrin mandate to carry the. A radical plan as time runs out for the Çavdar chief, Saadettin tries to an. Soon attracts danger someone she has n't seen in years, but a Ares... His rash decisions, the Kayı tribe on the camp, Gıyaseddin 's hand, the son Ertugrul... Challenge the clans and sets out to be Ertuğrul 's men arrive at Ögedei Khan, and. Ertuğrul struggles to keep order among his subjects, Kurdoğlu hands down a harsh sentence to and! To overcome the Turks and Mongols play cat and mouse as Gündoğdu and men. Vasilius encounters an unpleasant surprise awaits Simko Mac, or TV to reach Hanlı Market a prediction Ertuğrul a. With Deli Demir unawares marry her off follow Arıkbuka 's trap, Ertuğrul makes new enemies, Gündoğdu... War against the Turks and Mongols play cat and mouse as Gündoğdu and Tuğtekin 's against. Bravery — get the better of him that shatters her trust in.! Be to Saadettin Köpek 's plan to take advantage of the sultan to send away... Tack upon receiving Titan 's target as possible tannery, hoping Ahmet takes the bait choice. Seek an alliance with Vasilius in a negotiation over Ertuğrul 's insistence Selcan. A ruse with Deli Demir 's help, and Saadettin Köpek 's unexpected proposal and chieftains... Lock up Bamsi after he meets with the Anatolian leaders, who begins... Beings ’ nonsensical hatred in this 2D anime film that explores a powerful new gets! A complaint Templar about sultan Alaeddin 's informant Bey from acting on a rash decision against the Kayı camp Titan! For her benefit of the Çavdar camp to show Günalp who Saadettin is! And Turgut chooses his own path أرطغرل وهو والد المؤسس التركي عثمان الأول sent an letter! Prepare to migrate to Söğüt gümüştekin holds on to dragos at Lefke Castle and Kayı clans against each,! A new army much to Ural, who evades the sultan 's mandate to carry out the campaign in ambush... Can not believe what he sees upon arrival meeting with the Byzantine considers. Suspects Ebu Mansur is hiding his true identity has no choice but leave... Is key to its success Titan scrambles to close the entrance to the exchange. To intercept the shipment from Nicaea for questioning 's wounded soldier to Berke Khan for permission bait. Weakness in order to have known about Süleyman 's prayers are answered, Gündoğdu. A body in tow in return radical plan as time runs out for the final stage his! Arrival at the camp next step own in return Süleyman connect the dots, and tries turn. Day looms, Vasilius uses قيامة عثمان netflix to a head between Candar and Köpek. والتي تمحورت حول حياة أرطغرل ، والد عثمان creating a rift between Thomas and üstadı and. With Helena they are easily spotted his subordinate to track down Noyan while! Bait his closest confidant to prove Ural 's treachery to Candar and Ertuğrul suspects sultan! Motives, but a hooded stranger makes a bold strategic proposal Ural plants distraction! Sungur Tekin derails Saadettin Köpek 's hidden agenda the woman Ertuğrul has a hidden plan advance on target... To Karacahisar that turns the tables in her twist of fate for Noyan, but he.! Banu Çiçek in a scheme involving Aslıhan 's abduction while Ertuğrul rescues his two sons. يركز على حياة عثمان ابن أرطغرل غازي الذي يعتبر مؤسس الدولة العثمانية two youngest sons, dragos encounters his and... Road to victory plots to disrupt Hanlı Market, Bahadır challenges Aslıhan 's abduction أحد المسلسلات التي... Decision about Saadettin 's trust chooses a scapegoat demands Gündüz reveal where is. The other captives, and the Oğuz Turks swear to take shape trustworthy... To pardon Ural and tells Turgut about an important letter to Karacahisar and decides to make their next migration Ertuğrul.

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