Kindly note that we cannot guarantee that the animal world will show itself in all its splendor. Bitte hier klicken! English-speaking travel and hotel management on our international ships, Free use of the on-board facilities such as sauna and fitness room, Transfer between railway station¹ or airport² and ship, 15% discount on treatments in our SPA-ROSA, Bathroom amenities and bathrobe in the cabin, Varied gourmet buffets with regional and seasonal specialities, No seating or dress code; last but not least, free table times ensure a relaxed atmosphere among the guests, Indoor and outdoor restaurant as well as barbecue buffet on the sun deck of selected ships. Please select your category of cabin: Show all categories, 2 Bed Middle Deck with French balcony (2 persons), 2 Bed Middle Deck with French balcony (1 person), 2-Bed Middle Deck front with french balcony (3 persons), 2-Bed Middle Deck front with french balcony (2 persons), 2-Bed Middle Deck front with french balcony (1 person), 2-Bed Middle Deck Aft with french balcony (2 persons), 2-Bed Middle Deck Aft with french balcony (1 person), 2 Bed Upper Deck Front with French balcony (2 persons), 2 Bed Upper Deck Front with French balcony (1 person), 2 Bed Upper Deck with French balcony (2 persons), 2 Bed Upper Deck with French balcony (1 person), 2-Bed Upper Deck Aft with french balcony (2 persons), 2-Bed Upper Deck Aft with french balcony (1 person). From Engelhartszell (Passau) to Vienna, Budapest, Kalocsa, Mohács, Belgrade, Cruising Day, Rousse, Tulcea, Oltenita (Bucharest), Giurgiu (Bucharest), Cruising Day, Donji Milanovac, Novi Sad, Vukovar, Mohács, Bratislava and Melk to Engelhartszell (Passau). Enjoy your most beautiful time with maximum comfort and with the all-round carefree package: A-ROSA Premium all inclusive. There is probably no better way of travelling to eight countries in just two weeks. From the Iron Gates to the Danube Delta, admire the majestic blue river, crossing 8 countries and stopping in 4 capitals. 15 Days Roundtrip from Budapest From £2,555pp. The steep, green-covered cliffs of the Carpathian Mountains rise up to the left and right; the deep blue water flows below; and beyond every bend in the river there is another reason to take out your camera. Eight-hour Danube Delta cruise, guaranteed departure Transportation: wide-bottom, slow boat (Features: Sun shade tarpaulin, toilet, comfortable seats) Average cruising speed: 8 – 10 km / hour (5 - 7 miles/ hour) Departure time: 10:30 am (sharp) / Recommended check-in time: 10:15 am During this Danube cruise, you’ll have the chance to find out. Its pleasant location, snug alleyways and generous squares lend it a relaxing atmosphere. Your river cruise will take you to one of the Danube’s most beautiful towns, which is also a carnival hotspot. Between those three arms of the river the Danube has sculpted a beautiful delta that attracts many visitors from all over the world and is part of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage. The Danube Delta Cruise to the Black Sea from Passau in Germany. Beautiful boyar houses compete with concrete walls and glass facades, while straight avenues morph into winding streets. The most well known is probably the Széchenyi Chain Bridge. Today we explore the Austrian capital of Vienna with its wealth of tradition. You’ll see other monuments to Hungarian kings here as well. Die Natur scheint hier noch unberührt zu sein und die Hektik der Stadt so weit weg. Authors such as Josef Wichner and Hans Plöckinger published collections of these legends – the ideal thing to read while you are visiting the area. After the journey through 10 countries the Danube is divided into three estuaries – Chilia, Sulina and Sfantu Gheorge, before the Danube opens into the Black Sea. Nicht kombinierbar mit anderen Rabatten/Aktionen und nicht auf bereits bestehende Buchungen anrechenbar. Except for the marked dates, that indicate our guaranteed English departures. Throughout the old town, you’ll see traces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire wherever you go. Begin with an overnight stay in Bucharest for a guided sightseeing tour. 9 Days Along the Danube, Danube Delta, Balkan Peninsula and Budapest Cruise. There are seven in total – and they span the river between the neighbourhoods Buda and Pest. Once part of Bulgaria, it is now an important Romanian port and is considered the gateway to the Danube Delta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Do you know how many bridges Budapest has? Bring your evening in Belgrade to a close with humour and colour! With around 220,000 inhabitants, it is Serbia’s second-largest city. Alternate visits to the metropolises of Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade and Bucharest with relaxed days on the river and hours of relaxation on the sun deck. Danube Delta Discovery 2022 Scenic River Cruise 16 Days Bucharest to Vienna From £4,145pp Inspiration to world-renowned creatives and philosophers, the Austrian capital … Tulcea – or Aegyssus as it was once known – sits at the western gateway of the Danube Delta, where the river empties into the Black Sea. The history of the Danube is a rich and fascinating one. Prices & Availability. We use cookies to offer you an optimum website experiences. Guided tour of Belgrade with a visit to the Kalemegdan Fortress, including time for own discoveries. day. City tour of Budapest with its impressive buildings. This town lies to the south of Hungary’s capital, Budapest. Duration 4h00 The Danube, the queen of rivers, has carried you further along her course. Tourists are captivated by the old town – which looks as though it could almost be Italian. Enjoy your day in Bulgaria! monarchy. In order to explore the uniqueness of the second largest delta in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage site, you have the opportunity to go on a discovery tour with small boats of 6-8 people. Various influences have shaped Serbian folklore, including those from Russia and from Turkey and this is what makes it so varied, bright and spirited. However, they won’t take us as far as the Danube estuary at the Black Sea. And if you go out onto the sun deck of your A-ROSA ship, you’ll also have an unobstructed view of Budapest’s famous parliament building. Always at your service! Discover the most exotic place of Europe- Danube Delta. Attractive discounts on all massage and beauty treatments? 12 Days Choose exactly the cabin you like. Different languages are available on request for groups and charterers. Humming soft waltz melodies, you stand on the deck, your thoughts back in imperial Vienna. Danube Delta Discovery with Turkey Waltz through Europe on a 15 day river cruise from Vienna to Bucharest. TUI Danube Delta Discovery 2022 River Cruise. (From $168.78) Private Day Trip To Danube Delta And Mila 23 Village From Bucharest (From $187.54) See all Danube Delta experiences on Tripadvisor 9am–2pm PT | Sun. This is a real highlight of your Danube cruise: Vienna, the capital of Austria with that extra-special something. ¹ Guests receive an extra voucher, valid for day of embarkation or disembarkation in Cologne and Engelhartszell. Of course! The Baroque architecture in the streets of the Danube cities make Germany’s historical apartment buildings seem positively spartan by comparison. In this context, in a wide range of variety! * Please note: If you require an extended hotel stay, please contact nicko cruises customer service on: +49 (0) 711 / 248980-44 or e-mail: after completing the booking. Die Angebote gelten nicht für Gruppenbuchungen und Suiten in der Kategorie E & F. Das Special ist bei Neubuchung bereits vom Reisepreis abgezogen. Danube River Cruise Experts - Learn about the Danube River | Save up to 50% on Danube River Cruises - Read River Cruise Line Reviews | Find the BEST Values. Starting from the landing stage, we pass by “New Vienna” with the UNO City and the Danube Island. Ein kleiner Spaziergang am Donauufer führt Sie an einem Strandabschnitt entlang einer Parkanlage. This is a region where towns and landscapes appear to exist in perfect harmony. Explore music, culture, and incredible scenery while enjoying a Black Sea holiday, or a tour of Budapest. By the time you have taken a stroll along Ulitsa Aleksandrovska, between Rousse’s two main squares, you’ll probably feel the same. Experience a Puszta tour with traditional horse ride show. Fantastic panoramas over the river landscape passing by always offers new perspectives, wherever you are at the time. Solt /arr. Voilà! We would like to expressly point out that there are no guarantees that you’ll see the wildlife in all its splendour. This idyllic little town on the Danube in southern Hungary is a delightful place to visit. Visit to Maria Taferl, one of the most significant pilgrimage sites in Lower Austria and its impressive Basilica. 2.9K likes. Exceptions are specialities subject to surcharges and champagne. The tasteful ambient, a particularly high level of comfort in the spacious and stylish cabins as well as the large wellness area with sauna, whirlpool and relaxing area guarantee nothing but holiday - from the very first. On this cruise you truly experience the Danube, probably the most beautiful river of Europe, in its entire length. Excursion to Mediterranean Pécs, one of the most beautiful cities in Hungary (dep. 2 passengers 7 nights. The protection area is a biosphere reserve run by the state and forms both the largest wetland of Europe as well as the world’s largest area covered in cane. Will you? On the return trip, the bus will take you into the city centre, where you will disembark and explore on a stroll through the old town, which has been wonderfully and colourfully restored. The city can look back on a very eventful past. Advise and book your Danube Delta river cruise in your Travel agency or at A-ROSA +49 (0) 381 - 2026001. First you will have a short bus tour that will take you up to the Fortress. Delta Danube on a speed boat On board a 7-passenger speed boat, you'll tour the Danube Delta and enjoy the flora and fauna, see the multiple natural and artificial canals, and walk away with impressions that will last a lifetime. Visit to the imposing hydroelectric power station of Ybbs-Persenbeug. Die pure Erholung! From the fortress, you can also enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the confluence of the Sava and Danube, as well as New Belgrade. The ship will call at Oltenita, just 60 kilometres from Romania’s capital. It’s time to explore the Danube Delta! the sun deck. This is the departure point for your Danube cruise. taxes). At the point where the Danube breaks through the cataracts, a majestically beautiful ountryside passes gently by. Scenic cruise through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Wachau valley. When it comes to age, this place is a bit of a fossil. The nearby exotic natural destination. The best-known of them is the Krušedol monastery, which is situated in the middle of a birch forest. Flights from many other German airports or Zurich and Vienna from € 69 per person. Delta Explorer Contact Person: Eugen Dinu ([email protected], + 40 730 017 037) Contact Person: Sorin Mirica ([email protected], + 40 721 082 805) Website: . Many people consider this pearl of northern Bulgaria, nestled among the most varied landscapes of the eastern Danube plain, the country’s prettiest city. How about a Beatles singalong, or even getting up to do a Beatles … Plus all transfers and many other benefits that will always put a smile on your face, while you have nothing to do but think about your next wish. FAIRPORT CONVENTION BEAUTIFUL BLUE DANUBE AND DANUBE DELTA RIVER CRUISE Enjoy an unforgettable music filled 8 night cruise from Bucharest to Budapest taking in the Danube Delta. Testimonials. Sail from the Danube Delta of the Black Sea to Hungary’s capital of Budapest through the Balkans, Hungary, and Austria on your European river cruise. Top 10 Reasons for a River Cruise… The Iron Gates and the Danube Delta Discover your dreams on one of our Danube river Cruises. The Viennese are proud of their city – and rightly so! You will discover tremendous landscapes of striking beauty where nature is queen. For our Danube Delta cruises from and to Oltenita the flight from/to Frankfurt/Main, Munich and Düsseldorf airport is included in the travel price. The Danube River is the second longest river in Europe, flowing through 10 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Exclusive excursion to the Danube Delta in small boats, Experience French flair in the “Paris of the East” on our city tour of Bucharest – includes packed lunch. Close to the border to Austria and Hungary, Bratislava lies in the fertile Danube plain south of the Little Carpathians. Day 6 Danube Delta. Go by bus from the “Sava dock” to experience a typical evening out with one of the best folklore groups in Serbia, who will put their heart and soul into giving you a top-class folklore performance. It has a population of around 1.7 million, making it the country’s most populous city too. Stark limitierte Restplätze. Discover the fascinating flora and fauna aboard large excursion boats, to get close to the unique natural paradise of the Romanian Danube Delta. After your journey through ten countries, the Danube divides into three estuaries – Chilia, Sulina and Sfantu Gheorge – before it flows into the Black Sea. You will be impressed by the wonderful panoramic view over the city. Incredible panoramic landscapes and fascinating city views of Vienna, Budapest and Bucharest line up like pearls on a string. “Iron Gates” is probably the most awe-inspiring gorge in Europe. Afterwards you will explore the beautifully restored Old Town with its baroque buildings such as the Redoute, National theater, the Town Hall and palaces which remind the visitors of their glorious past during k.u.k. With its wealth of museums, galleries, palaces and castles, plus the state opera and many theatres, the city enjoys a lively cultural scene all year-round. Tulcea is your stop today. Danube Delta Private Day Tour from Bucharest (From $241.09) 4-Day Danube Delta Tour: Stay At the Fisherman's house (From $497.02) Trips Danube Delta with bout Camely (hidrobuz) departures from Tulcea port. Passage through the Danube Cataracts with the famous “Iron Gate”. Top culinary menus? Scenic’s 16-day all-inclusive, 5-star luxury Danube Delta river cruise begins in Bucharest and journeys along the Danube canals towards Vienna. Belgrade is a well-kept secret among Europe’s many metropolises. Kinder auf Anfrage. During your Danube cruise, the ship will call at Kalocsa, where we will stop briefly. Danube Delta Discovery Waltz through Europe on a 15 day river cruise from Vienna to Bucharest. This will allow you to explore the region around Passau, too. See magnificent, imposing buildings such as the Vienna State Opera, the Burgtheater, the Hofburg, parliament, the town hall and the Votive Church as we drive along the famous ring road. Guided tour through the colourful old town of Novi Sad. If available, we will book your desired cabin with cabin number. Danube Delta Cruise. You can join us on an optional city tour this morning, or explore under your own steam. You’ll first travel through the city centre to Hero’s Square with its Millennium Monument, at the top of which is the archangel Gabriel.

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